Now nobody can leave the party!!!! muwahahahahaha!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seattle,  Oh Seattle.  Not only have you brought so much music to the table that has molded, and at times saved my life.  You also no how to throw a fucking party!  After the Olympia "show" we drove to Seattle, and woke up and had most of the day to sort of chill.  It was nice, and Jrip and Susan are two very rad people.  We ate at Veggie Veggie, and if you are ever in Seattle it comes highly recommended by the Rooftop Vigilante cast and crew.  Our bass head farted out on us, so we had to go see Seths buddy Andrew at the music store he works at.  WE GOT THE HOOK UP!  Andrew was a very sweet guy, and I'm glad we all got to meet him.  That night we had a show at The Funhouse.  It reminds me of the Replay only bigger, and everybody that works there is liferz.  So of course, we got shit canned.  Our set was great, we blazed through most of it, except for that part were i busted a string, and we had to tune the back up guitar, but luckily for us I have a razor sharp wit that everyone loves, and thinks is funny....................Anyways,  after our set my buddy Andy Gassaway bought me a pack of smokes as payment for a cd.  And our pal Jeff Johansen took me to his car were we proceeded to pound a fifth of really really good vodka.  I don't know why i thought that was a good idea, because it was not a good idea at all!  yeesh.  The Pets played, and they were out of control awesome!  there was a very large crowd there the whole night, and since Olympia was a ghost town it felt very nice.  Coconut Coolouts are like the best band ever!  Please don't break me out of party jail!  After the show is where it really starts to fade for me.  I did talk to Ripley a lot, though i have no idea of what on earth it could have been about.  I guess at some point at the after party me and Seth had an emotional( "bromantic" as Oscar likes to put it) talk about something, I dunno.  It happened and thats all the more detail that I can give because the rest of it I forgot to save on my memory card.  Oh snap!  I saw a sweet Dead Moon tag, and a Killer Pierced Arrows flyer.  Sorry i back tracked for a second there anyways, where was I?  oh yes, the after hours party  as a group no one can really remember it.  I asked, no one knows to much but, I did pass out cold in front of the front door, so no one could leave the party without having to move my lifeless body out o the way first.  I'm sorry if this post is a little bland as compaired to some others.  Im usually good at remembering idiocy.  Not this time.  Maybe I did and said some things I don't want to remember.  Maybe this is a good thing.  Were on our way to Portland.  Exploding Hearts, and Flaming Lips are the jams of choice right now.  I want to throw in some Teenage Fanclub in the mix soon.  Stay tuned for the holidays.........


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COCONUT COOLOUTS... I got pizza regret!

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