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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Portland-We played the DMMR BMMR festival at the east end, it was crazy! we show up and ask around about the goings on, and find out that we get free unlimited beer and pizza ALL NIGHT LONG! (i want to say this now, its late and i'm tired so im not going to type anything properly, so deal with it). The beer was some organic ale, or if your not into that thing PBR tall boys (I said yes to both). they also gave us drink tickets on top of this.....why? i wasn't about to ask. i just said thank you very much. the pizza was some sort of faux new york style fold slice, but a very very good version of it. super tasty!!!! we played, and despite technical difficulties (seth's hi hat stand busting, mic's, and monitors shorting, guitar amp cutting out) we played a great show, and they audience understood and didn't care about any of this. the drummer from the band asked us if we were mad at each other because it looked like it, we all said no it was just a little weird to have all of that shit go wrong. then he proceeded to tell us how great it was. which is good because his band the unnatural helpers are fucking incredible! also NEW FAVORITE BAND ALERT! THE FRESH AND ONLYS! seriously....SO GOOD! around the time of the 5th or 6th act all the booze really started kicking in, and by the time coconut coolouts played we were all rocking out very very hard. eventually oscar got kicked out of the gig for passing out and pissing on the club. him and hannah swapped clothes and he took off his glasses and snuck back in when he caught his second wind. buy this time the closing act no bunny was on the stage(this was after a slew of other amazing acts such as the pets, shannon and the clams, the eubonics, ect..) they were so fucking awesome and the lead singer played the majority of the set with his dick swinging all over the place. lets move foward to the afterhours party. the first thing i see when i walk in is a girl fall into a trashcan and destroy it, which instantly reminded me of my graceful exit of the replay lounge employee xmas party....we talke to a lot of different people about a lot of diferent things, mainly punk rock, indie rock, ect...ya know a bunch of drunks in bands chatter(i'm sure we've all been there...often). me and seth were talking to sean from the eubonics and then the next thing you know we have a second show in sanfran!!!! we were stoked, so we took off that night, which may have been stupid but seth swore he was sober, and i was drunk enough to believe him.

san fran-we show up at the knockout for our matinee happy hour show, and was greeted with open arms by johnny boss a.k.a. the coolest bartender in the world. free drinks, and anything we want, and he meant anything...me and oscar were drinking spiked root beer floats, hannah was strictly rum and coke, seth tall boys of tecate. the opening act was a truck driver/beat poet. it was so fucking weird. we ripped through our set, and people were stoked. so stoked that we got offered to open for NODZZZ! before we had to go play what would now be our third show of the evening at the hemlock. obviously we accepted. ripped through another great set, backed up and drove to the hemlock. when we got there we had drink tickets shoved in our face. played a very odd show which mostly consisted of looking for seths glasses. it was our third show in one day give us a break! our sound guy looked like rob zombie, that was pretty sweet. we ate pizza, and feel asleep at my friend heather lipp's place. we all were very well boozed at that point.

LA-after taking beautiful highway 1 for most of the ride, we were forced to drive through "the butt". which is a 30 minute drive between san fran and LA that smeels like cow shit, and its unavoidable. when we got to the club we loaded in, and then we took off to the gold room where the nightly special is a shot of patron' a mug of beer for 4$ with unlimited free tacos!!!! there was an elderly mexican man with a guitar with a bow on it who had clearly been there all day, and may have had a screw loose to boot. as we were drinking, and eating he came over and befriended us. it was pretty interested, i mean i couldn't understand a word he said, neither could anyone else at the table, but that didn't matter. it was so entertaining. I really dont think words can truely express what happened. when we got back to the club out buddy douglas armour played and it was incredible, afterwords we played and it wasnt as energetic as i would have liked i think we were all a bit tired from the day before. but it was good none the less. we went back to dougs place and stayed the night. when we woke up in the morning doug had bought us tamales for breakfast. They were incredible, we would have hung out longer but he had to drive out to the desert to record with gang gang dance. we went to the beach and hungout for hours before we went to in and out burger and stuffed ourselves! after that i went to barns and noble to have a little bit of me time, and got sucked into the book "bob dylan chronicles". i cant wait to finish it. we pulled up to the smell, got ourselves settled, then went to a bar called five stars where a homeless man tried to sell us stolen cell phones. we went back to the smell, and played a great set, all of our gear was laying in shambles when we were through, and i fucked my back up from falling into everything. oscar was bleeding. the show ruled. today we woke up at our friend james barr's place after watching yet again a healthy dose of stella!!!! which continuted on into today as well. Seth went to go hang out with some old friends he had not seen in years, as for the rest of us we went mountain hiking! after words we got some smoothies, and then picked up supplies to make fajitas with. they were so good, and the hot tub was really great(my back appoved!) now im drinking a very cold miller lite, blogging about tour on goings while watching clueless. oscar and/or hannah is snoring pretty badly, and im not tired. im ready to get out of LA and go to san diego (which is german for a whales vagina). LA makes me lonely. it weird because there are sooooo many people here, but really does. we're about ready to makes our second turn of tour and start heading back east. its been a good tour so far. i'll see you all soon!


Vanessa said...

If you guys ever decide you want/need a "groupie" to join you on tour, can it please be me? It sounds like you guys are having a ridiculously good time. Hope everything continues to go as well...

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